The Skilled Crew from Atlantic Structure Movers, LLC, Can Move Practically Any Structure

We've been focusing exclusively on structural moving in the New Jersey area for over 37 years

When you need a delicate structure moved with care, call the pros at Atlantic Structure Movers, LLC. We're family-owned and operated proudly serving clients throughout New Jersey and beyond. Founder Jay Thompson's applied knowledge of physics and geometry allows him to find innovative and creative solutions for every structural moving project.

Our expert structural movers do high-quality work in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. We're fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

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Why Atlantic Structure Movers?

We're known for our...



We've been moving and lifting structures since 1983.



We arrive on time and will stick to your schedule.

Track record

Track record

We're nationally accredited structural movers.

Use of technology

Use of technology

We use a unified hydraulic jacking system and proprietary mechanisms to complete projects safely.

Owner supervision

Owner supervision

Jay will make sure all industry standards are met.



Jay co-authored the Industry Standards and Guidelines for Structural Movers, the go-to reference manual for structural movers nationwide.

Moving everything and the kitchen sink

Atlantic Structure Movers can shore, raise, rotate and move structures made of wood, stone, brick, steel, glass and other materials. Our clients trust us to handle...





Historic structures

Sculptures and artwork

Commercial and farm buildings

What kind of structure do you need moved in the New Jersey area?

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