Transport via Barge Across Barnegat Bay
Industry Boilers Moved
Preparation for Historic Train Car Move
Award Winning Largest Structure Raise
Historic Church move with steeple intact
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Welcome to Atlantic Structure Movers

Atlantic Structure Movers (ASM) has the capability to shore, raise, rotate and move residential houses, commercial buildings, historic structures, farm buildings, commercial and residential roofs, monuments, sculpture/artwork, machinery, and unusual structures constructed of wood, masonry, steel, glass, or materials of unique composition. Family owned and operated, Atlantic Structure Movers (ASM) has proudly served clients since 1983.

Since founded by Jay Thompson over 30 years ago, Atlantic Structure Movers’ work has always been exclusive to structural moving. Our applied knowledge of physics and geometry allows for innovative and creative approaches to individual projects. As expert movers, we provide quality solutions to your structural needs in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We are fully licensed and insured in order to guarantee your peace of mind.

Over the entire history of our service, Jay has been on site for every single project, and continues to do so, ensuring all industry standards are met.

As a result, we are proud to say we have never had an insurance claim or reason for a claim, and our client satisfaction is nearly 100%.

Bayside home raised on cribbing piers, with decks attached and supported by steel beams.  Pilings will be placed by contractor

Bayside home moved for pilings and raised on cribbing piers with decks supported and attached.