Scope of Project: Relocated and Repositioned a new classroom building, June 2002.

On Behalf of the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, I wish to express our thanks and gratitude for your generous contribution of services. Atlantic Structure Movers enabled the Foundation to reach its goal of relocating and repositioning the new classroom building prior to the Loveladies Fair June 8th and 9th. We appreciate you adjustments in schedule and completion of the relocation on time.

I enjoyed working with you on this project and hope to see you and Tina at some of our member events this summer.

Patricia Sapienza

Executive Director, Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences

Scope of Project: Home moved for pilings.

Tanks so much for everything. The two of you have been wonderful, you on the phone and Jay on our site. Looking forward to lunch.
Warm Regards,


Ship Bottom, Ocean County, NJ

Scope of Project: Raise and support house (raised before Hurricane Sandy, was supported, unmoved during the hurricane).

To Whom It May Concern:

I owned - notice the past tense -two adjacent houses on the waterfront on the Southside of Cedar Bonnet Island. I noticed last summer that the piers under the larger of the two houses-which my granddad built in 1928 - were sinking, and that the house would need to be raised and a new footing installed prior to my daughter moving into it last fall. I've lived here for some part of the year all my 68 years, and both sides of my family have been in Ocean County for a very long time. Selecting Atlantic Structure Movers to do the house raising was a no brainer. Jay Thompson knows the area, the weather, and is an exquisite mechanic. Everyone I know in the trades respects his work and universally acclaims him as the best in the business. In this day and age we frequently talk about people thinking outside of the box. Jay is the guy that raises and moves the box!! He took the house up in the air in the middle of October, the masonry work was completed the 29th of October, and we had planned to put it back down on the 31st. Then along came Sandy. The storm completely demolished all the new block work that Dave Johnson had installed, and completely destroyed the house next door that was my principle residence. - the 24 ft. Sea Ray that smashed into the house on the flood of the tide in the middle of the night when the wind shifted to Sou'west didn't do it a damn bit of good - knocked it off the piers, blew out the picture windows, and blew out the northeast wall of the house. As near as anyone can tell it only blew 95 miles and hour, but the tides were unthinkably high and five to seven foot seas rolled through the neighborhood. But what of the house ten feet up in the air on Jay's grid work? It never moved an inch! If a guy can elevate a water front house that doesn't move and suffers no damage in an area completely devastated by the worst Atlantic storm in at least the last hundred and thirty years, why would you ever hire anyone else to raise or move a structure? Thanks to Jay, I've still got a place to live while I rebuild my other house. There is simply no one better at what he does than Jay Thompson.
David L. Rinear

David Rinear

Cedar Bonnet Island, NJ

Scope of Project: Raised Home

Tina and Jay,

To say the least, it was a pleasure working with both of you to lift and lower our house. When local folks stop by and ask me about who did the lift work I give them your contact information. Several of them asked me did I "SHOP" for prices, and I told them NO as I heard through the grapevine that your work was the best and that is what I wanted. With the additional room we will realize with this work, we will be able to move our permanent residence to this house in the very near future.

As you know I am doing the GC work and a lot of the electrical and plumbing work on the house. While it's not my work world, I enjoy doing this immensely, and like the idea of saving money. By the way, my brother is a 45 in the year business architect, if you ever need one he is within arm's reach.

I truly hope that you get a couple of jobs because of the work you did for us. It seems because of land restrictions we may started a trend in our area.

I have a personal favor to ask you. My son and I are avid deer hunters and Jay mentioned you allow a couple of folks to hunt on your property. I would be ever so grateful if you would grant us permission to hunt. It's a real possibility that even if you do, we may not be able to because of distance we'd have to travel to get to your place.

I'd even volunteer to give you a couple of days work on the week end in return for permission to hunt - I could paint that small tractor or do some clean up work for you.




Villas, Lower Township, Cape May County, NJ

Scope of Project: Raised Home.

Dear Jay,
I understand that you raised a Concern with Eddie E. about the interface between our wooden sill and the masonry wall, some time on one of the last days in January. My drawings clearly showed that there would be direct contact. After some confusion, I met with Rob P. who said that the metal "termite shield" would be o.k. for this particular job. Eddie E. was so good as to fabricate and assemble this shield, saving me from having to find a plumber or roofer to do this task. After you lowered the cottage on the 7th of Feb., another inspector from L.B. Twp., "Dane", passed the work so far.
Your intervention in this matter may have saved me from considerable expense and aggravation.
I want to thank you very much for that. Also, for an effective job "within budget and on-time".


Long Beach Island, Ocean County, NJ,

Scope of Project: Moved home for a Subdivision.

Hi Jay & Tina!

Jay - You did a marvelous job and you have a "great" gal in Tina! - of course, you know that!!




Cape May County, NJ

Scope of Project: Raised, rotated, moved for pilings and repositioned on lot.

Tina & Jay,
I'd like to thank you both for your cooperation and hard work. The move went better than I could have expected.
I am particularly grateful that you were able to accommodate our schedule both for the initial move and for placing the house on to the pilings.
I will certainly recommend you to anyone interested in moving their house.
Thanks again, Bud


Beach Haven West, Ocean County, NJ

Scope of Project: Raise home 9'.

Jay & Tina, & the Crew,
Thank you for the superior job you did in raising our house.
My husband and I would recommend your company to anyone.
With Sincere Gratitude,
Susan & Richard

Susan and Richard

Stafford Township, Ocean County, NJ

Scope of Project: Move house temporarily for new piling installation - with house addition, fireplace, porches and decks.

First I want to thank EVERYONE for working with me on the raising and moving of my house. I am not going to lie, I was pretty nervous about the entire process but both Mike Spatz and my friend Kip Johnson told me I had the right guy for the job and boy were they right!! The crew that worked on my house were so great, professional in every sense of the word. They worked hard with little time off for breaks, working together they made what is not easy look easy. I have supervised a lot of commercial construction and did a lot of work on houses in my younger days, so I know a bit about the process and having the right people on your team, I can't say enough good things about your people.

A VERY satisfied customer,


North Beach, Long Beach Island, NJ

Scope of Project: Move house temporarily for new piling installation.

Dear Tina,
I wanted to thank you, Jay, and the rest of the Atlantic Structure Movers team for the recent project you completed raising our house in Stafford Township. Our home was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and your company's support and flexibility throughout the house-raising process was "first class".
The actual project went very smoothly, and was completed in a professional and timely manner (and within budget). In addition, Jay's approach to cantilever the house over our bulkhead and the bay while new pilings were installed was very creative, and helped make the project more cost-effective by minimizing the number of moves necessary to raise the house.
It was a pleasure working with your company, and I would highly recommend Atlantic Structure Movers to anyone that is considering raising or relocating their house.


Stafford Township, Cedar Bonnet Island, NJ

Scope of Project: Raise Home.

Jay & Crew,
We don't know how we could ever thank you for the great work that you did for us. We love the house at this height - you've got to stop by soon to check it out yourself.
Thanks for everything!
Dave & Debbie W.

Dave & Debbie W.

Tuckerton, Ocean County, NJ