Atlantic Structure Movers utilizes the most up to date, state-of-the-art technology and equipment – including a hydraulic, double-acting, unified jacking system.

Jahns Structure Jacking System, manufacturer of the system used in raising and moving the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, designed and manufactured our unified jacking equipment to those same exacting standards and customized it to our unique specifications.

Only a unified system such as ours prevents torque, twisting, rocking or racking a structure. Our company adheres to the industry’s highest standards of professionalism, and our crews are specifically trained to work exclusively at structural moving.

Each project receives full-time, on-site supervision. This combination of factors – expertise, technology, and supervision – contributes to our impeccable safety and success record.

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House Lifting
House Moving and Structural Moving
Elevating Roof Systems
Historic Preservation