Rigging Services provided by Atlantic Structure Movers, LLC in Barnegat, Trenton & New Brunswick, NJ

Rigging (in terms of materials handling and not the rigging on a ship!) is the action of designing and installing the equipment in preparation to move objects.

Rigging also is the name for the equipment used - which is a system of materials designed to stabilize, support and move objects. These materials refer to the lifting or rolling equipment, such as cranes, cables, or beams, that are necessary to raise, roll, slide or lift objects.

Rigging would typically be used for short-distance moves for small homes, different types of machinery and larger equipment, or for moves of equipment to different locations or upper stories of buildings, warehouses, etc.

Examples of Atlantic Structure Movers, LLC's previous rigging work include: moving a commercial pizza oven, commercial kiln, industrial boilers, machinery, boats, and equipment.

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