Our Founder's Profile

Jay Thompson, our founder, is a internationally accredited Structural Mover. The International Association of Structure Movers honored Jay with distinguished awards "In Recognition of Outstanding Achievement" for the "Widest Structure Moved" and the "Structure Moved with the Most Square Footage on One Level" after he raised a nominal 23,000 square-foot Dome Roof on an athletic auditorium in New York.

At the heart of our work is a passion for innovative solutions considerate of cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Jay designed and had custom jacking/shoring posts fabricated for the Dome Project, enabling workers to perform all jacking while safely standing at ground level. This equipment impressively cut time and costs while exponentially enhanced safety and efficiency.

Jay Thompson has served as a Board of Director and Committee Chairman for the International Association of Structure Movers. Jay also co-authored the Industry Standards and Guidelines for Structural Movers, the industry reference manual for all structural movers in the United States. We operate our family owned business in the Long Beach Island area, as we have for almost four decades. Jay's family, in fact, dates back to the Barnegat area from prior to the Revolutionary War!

Atlantic Structure Movers, LLC remains an active member of the International Association of Structure Movers, the Northeast Association of Structural Movers, the Chamber of Commerce, Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce and the Barnegat Chamber of Commerce.

We, at Atlantic Structure Movers, are expert movers employing advanced technology, licensed and insured for your security and peace of mind.

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