Transport via Barge Across Barnegat Bay
Industry Boilers Moved
Preparation for Historic Train Car Move
Award Winning Largest Structure Raise
Historic Church move with steeple intact
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The following links are printable versions of the information needed to raise a home including an overview of a typical project sequence, services we provide, drawings and documentations we require, in addition to other helpful information regarding municipal requirements and a link to the FEMA website for the latest information regarding base flood elevation levels and zoning changes in your township.

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Storm and Flood News

NEW! National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Updates as of October 1, 2013.     View the latest reforms and how it affects your home:

    The following links and pdf documents may be of assistance to those affected
    by Hurricane Sandy:

The crew is working on a lagoon side home.  The bay is coming up over the bulkheading, and the home is being elevated out of the way of the rising water.

ASM saves another home from flooding and high tides!

Home has been jacked up for a new foundation, in advance of rising tide.