House Lifting

There are numerous reasons why a homeowner would choose to raise their house -

  • Protection from future storms, flood waters, and high tides
  • Achieve compliance with their town/municipal requirements
  • Add a basement, garage, first or second floor
  • Obtain a better view
  • Subdivision (dividing a property into two or more lots, and/or moving the house to a different lot)
  • House is impinging on a setback or other property
  • Reduce insurance costs

At Atlantic Structure Movers, LLC we know every home is unique in terms of the complexity of the structure, size, additional appendages (e.g. garages, porches, decks, stairs, chimneys, fireplaces etc.), and lot constraints. Our work is tailored to your specific needs - whether your home is a small one level ranch or a large multi-story home with many additions, porches, decks, and fireplaces - we can lift it.

Raising a home can seem like a daunting task, as there are numerous people and trades involved in completing the process, but we are experienced and here to help! While first considering raising your home there are a few first steps we suggest when getting started:
  • Speak with your town's building department to see what is required for a building/construction permit (our services fall under this permit as well).
  • Meet with a structural engineer and/or architect, who will certify the suitability of the proposed foundation and foundation height, as well as inspect and ensure your existing foundation is in good repair and substantially constructed to support any additional weight.

We can raise wood-framed, masonry, or steel and glass homes off various types of existing foundations (slab, block, concrete, pilings) onto any type of new foundation.

For more detailed information about getting started and how the process works - see our Drawings, Documentation, and Typical Municipal Requirements and Typical Project Sequence or give us a call or email. We can chat in more detail and provide additional guidance.

Atlantic Structure Movers provides creative, cost conscious, and time-sensitive solutions for all your house raising needs.

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