House and Structural Moving

Home Moving and Structure Relocation Services Available From Atlantic Structure Movers, LLC in Barnegat, Trenton & New Brunswick, NJ

Similar to raising your home, there can be a number of reasons why a home owner would choose to move their house to a different location on or off-site. For instance,

  • Your current home's location may be in a high-risk flood zone or in an area more prone to other natural risks
  • You may want to move to a bigger/smaller property
  • You may move to a different location but want to keep your current house
  • You may want to save an older home that has been in your family for generations
  • You may want to reorient your home on site to take advantage of views, weather conditions, access or new additions

Whichever the reason for moving, Atlantic Structure Movers, LLC, with our highly trained and experienced crew, will work with you and your specific needs to move your home. We reposition or move houses on or off-site, over public roadways, and by barge across water. We will assess your house, property, and transit route to the new location in order to determine the safest, most efficient and cost-conscious way to relocate your home.

Our commercial projects vary in scope as well. Depending on the particular businesses' needs - we have moved structures for historical preservation; to relocate buildings on-site; to relocate buildings to different sites; and to relocate and move just one story of a building to a new site, etc. Atlantic Structure Movers can address any structural moving needs your business has and work with you to achieve your business goals.

What kind of structures do you need moved in New Jersey?