Advanced Technology

Atlantic Structure Movers, LLC utilizes the industry's most up-to-date, Unified- Hydraulic Jacking System and Equipment. We also developed and employ rather unique proprietary mechanisms, devices, and lift-systems to ensure the safe and expeditious completion of your project.

Technology is indeed important, but what is of most importance to the success of your project are the people behind the technology. At Atlantic Structure Movers, we have a working knowledge of other professional construction trades and how their work interfaces within a project. This awareness informs Jay Thompson's structural designs in planning, rigging, and temporary support systems, so as to optimize the conditions within which other trades perform their work. This understanding goes a long way in safely facilitating and expediting your project. Meticulous planning, coupled with the care, competency, and conscientiousness of our crew, all contribute to the success of our projects.

In an age of indifference and incompetency, Atlantic Structure Movers takes great pride in, and therefore, you can take true comfort in our impeccable record of success. Visit our project sites for evidence and verification of the quality of our work.