Here’s a list for homeowners of the main prep items that need to be taken care of prior to our crew starting the project:

1) Clear Access – Make sure there is clear access to the site, driveway, and around the dwelling.

2) Remove Outbuildings – Remove porches, decks, stairs, outdoor showers, etc. unless otherwise specified in your Contract.

3) Disconnect Utilities – this includes water, gas, electric, and disconnecting ground level compressors.

4) Clear beneath the Floor Joists – Remove any pipes, ducts, electrical, etc. beneath the floor joists.

5) Sever or Remove Anchor bolts – this disconnects the house from its foundation.

6) Have portable toilet onsite – prior to the ASM crew’s arrival.

Your General Contractor will generally handle the above preparation. It is, however, good for the homeowner to know what steps should be taken care before the structural move of their home is started. When a project has been properly prepped for a move, it enables every one to work more efficiently and safely and also stay on schedule.